COSMOS final congress
Written by Elza Bontempi   

The final COSMOS LIFE+ (www.cosmos.csmt.eu) conference will take place on 14 December, 2012, at CSMT in Brescia (Italy).


MORE than 80 people are registered to the event.

The main goal of the COSMOS (LIFE08 ENV/IT/000434) is to develop technologically transfer a new method for municipal solid waste incineration fly ash inertization, based on the use of colloidal silica. The obtained material, COSMOS, has the potential to be used as a filler in different matrices. In the frame of the project, a pilot plant was developped.

At the conference, the extremely good results obtained in the frame of the project will be presented: in particular the reuse of COSMOS filler in plaster, cement, plastics, resins and as absorbing material will be shown and discussed.

Stakeholders (industries) and political authorities will attend the conference, that is addressed to general public.


The conference ended with the award ceremony of the best thesis discussing COSMOS technology. Prizes have been offered by CSMT and project stakeholders.
Gadgets made with COSMOS filler have been prepared by PINOCCHIO ONLUS (http://www.pinocchiogroup.it/). This association performs rehabilitation paths for drug addicts,  mentally ill persons, and adults in a serious state of marginalization and difficulty.


Pictures by Ing. Alessandro Copeta

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