Great success for the final conference of COSMOS project
Written by Elza Bontempi   

Despite the adverse weather due to a lot of snow fall the night before,

great success for final COSMOS conference (14 December 2012), where more than 80 peoples was registered.

The results of the project, in term of the applicability of the obtained inert, were showed not only to technical, but also to a general audience.

All the stakeholders that particpated to the experiments reported their experience and showed the produced goods, made in a matrix (polypropylene as well and recycled, resins, nylon, plaster) and COSMOS (the following image it linked to the video of stakeholders presentations).

You can download the industrial application presented by:

- Delta Phoenix

- Ecoplast

- Rapidplastics

- Plados Telma

- VCM and Sartori Ambiente

- Contento Trade

The results of aquatic toxicology, provided by Michela Guarienti, showed that COSMOS is safe.

The new COSMOS-RICE project was introduced by Dr. Alessandra Gianoncelli.


At the end of the conference Sara Lucchini received the prize for the best thesis by prorector of University of Brescia.

It is possible to see the video showing Sara price and stakeholder prizegiving.

The price (Ipad) was offered by CSMT.

All the student that produced a thesis about COSMOS were awarded by industrial stakeholders.

Final considerations were provided by Ing. Tomasoni.

In the following an article on the GdB can be downloaded, where the team oganised the congress is shown.


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